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Acer is one of the oldest and has been one of the most trusted brand of laptops in the market. Performance of Acer laptops is always undeniably appreciable and in accordance with the brand’s reputation. Still, it is inevitable to not face issues in a laptop or any device after a certain period of it performing properly. The purpose of this article is to bring into light the general issues faced by the users of Acer laptops. Too much heating up of the laptops, getting stretched images on screen, black or blank screen, laptop not getting turned on are few of the issues generally faced in an Acer laptop. In case you notice any sign of these issues then get in touch with the professional Acer support executives for these issues to be fixed on time before them causing any harm to the internal and crucial parts of the system.

If you find your Acer laptop hard to turn on at times, resort to trying few of the below mentioned steps for making the laptop work normally again. First of all, check that your laptop is getting charged properly and is also able to retain the charge. See that there are no issues in the charging wire or connection spot and the charging wire is properly connected to the charging spot and your laptop. If charging is not an issue then try rebooting steps to start your laptop. Drain all the charge, take out your laptop’s battery and press the power button for 30 seconds. After that put the battery again and connect the charger. After charging, start your laptop again. If these steps doesn’t help then call on Data Align call acer tech support and get specialist assistance of Acer support for fixing issues in your laptop.

Getting the laptop heated up too much could be another one of the most common issues faced in an Acer laptop. This issue could be the result of a non-working cooling fan or a fan not being configured properly. Check your laptop’s cooling fan or call an expert of acer support for getting this issue fixed in order to save the crucially important internal parts of the laptop from the overheat generated. This issue could lead the laptop to get permanently damaged if not fixed early.

If the laptop screen getting stretched is the issue you are facing in your Acer laptop then check the configuration of the hardware, as this issue is generally the result of wrongly configured hardware. Fix the configuration of various hardware devices like graphics card. For support you can get assisted by our customer care specialists anytime on the acer customer service toll-free number.

Facing a black or blank screen in laptops is another bound to happen issue. This issue might be taking place due to some virus inhabiting the software of your system. So, this issue could be resolved by making the laptop virus free by installing and using an updated anti-virus software in your laptop. Acer support technician’s acer technical support could get all your work done without you having to worry about anything.