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Have you ever faced difficulty in booting up your Acer laptop after leaving it for few hours? Has your otherwise normally working Acer laptop suddenly started showing signs of technical issues like displaying a black screen or difficulty in booting up even after several failed attempts to normally start it? If these are the issues that you are facing in your Acer laptop then chances could be that your Acer laptop is going through some internal technical turbulences. To find out the real reason behind these regularly occurring and potentially disturbing issues, repeat the below mentioned steps or call on Acer support number for a detailed examination of your ill laptop, so that these issues can be properly fixed once and for all.

Laptop showing resistance in booting up could be due to many unknown reasons. We can try to find out the actual reason behind your laptop not booting up by first checking up that the power supply is aptly working or not. Then, make sure the laptop charger that you use to connect to the charging spot is completely working and the charger is in accordance with the requirements of the laptop. Also, check that the laptop is charged. After checking everything, shut down your laptop. Wait for a few seconds. Then restart the laptop if you have any issues acer support   Data Align.

Data Align acer support experts have the most extensive knowledge and experience of dealing with users coming with a wide range of technical issues they encounter in their Acer laptop and they maintain an uninterrupted successful track record of resolving their customer’s issues. If trying the above mentioned steps didn’t bring any productive output for you then, disconnect your laptop from any external device that is connected to it just to make sure that these issues are not caused due to any other device.

Check your laptop’s screen because many times when the laptop’s internal hardware is not causing the issue, problem is faced due to laptop screen. It could be the screen’s inverter failure causing some issue. You don’t have to hassle much about taking the laptop to any repair shop for getting fixed as you can get it done by just calling on the contact acer support 24/7 online support toll-free number. They even provide on the spot assistance like their experts coming to your home or office whenever you need for examining your laptop and fixing it right away.

Another quick fix that can bring your laptop back into responding mode when the windows is not responding or the laptop is showing a blank display or the software is freezing and none of the keys on keyboard is responding is to try to power reset your Acer laptop. You can just call and take assistance from acer customer service  for getting your poorly performing laptop a power reset which would save your time or you can try to do it on your own by following below mentioned steps.

It is important to keep in mind to disconnect your laptop from all other devices it is connected to before performing a power reset. After that check whether the battery of the laptop is removable or not. In case your laptop’s battery can be removed, turn off your laptop. Remove the laptop from any port if it is connected to any. Remove all connected adaptor if any. Remove battery from it. As the laptop has now no connection to any power source and its battery is also removed, press and hold its power button for 15 seconds. Then, put the battery again, plug in the AC adaptor and turn on the system after that. During starting, if asked choose the option of start windows normally.

In case your laptop belong to the category where battery cannot be removed, you have to follow all the steps mentioned as in the case of resetting laptops with removable battery except the step of removing the battery. You can even get in touch with executives of acer technical support for power resetting your laptop if you are short of time.