DataAlign!How to Change Your Yahoo Password?


Yahoo is one of the largest email service provider. Not only Email they also provide a plethora of other useful services which again is linked to your Yahoo ID and can be accessed using your Yahoo password. Recently, Yahoo confirmed that millions of user accounts information was exposed to hackers from their database. It is recommended that you change your password linked to the Yahoo account.

As Yahoo mail accounts are prone towards hacking and need an extra shield of security. So to protect your account from any unauthorized access it required to change your password time to time. There’s a good chance that none of your information was exposed in the hack, but it is best-security practice to change yahoo password anyway — better safe than sorry.

To do this:

Log into your Yahoo account and click your username in the upper right-hand corner.

Next, click “Account info.”

Then, on the left side of the screen, click “Account security.” From there, click “Change password” and follow the instructions. (Also, while you’re dealing with security features, go ahead and toggle on two-step verification for yahoo email recovery.)

Yahoo now uses alternative verification methods (cell-phone numbers, alternate emails), so make sure those are up-to-date in case you ever get locked out of your account.

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