How to Change My Yahoo Email account Password?


Yahoo mail is one of the best email services available. It is preferable as compared to other email sites because of the many features it provides for making the experience easy and more comfortable whether it be changing the password of your yahoo account or retrieving the account by the use of recovery information. Yahoo tries to make the experience of their customers more and more stress-free by introducing options like yahoo account key that helps in accessing the yahoo account without having the need to use password. Yahoo support guides the customers in case they face any trouble while using their yahoo account.

There is no more need to remember yahoo password now as remembering so many passwords these days can be a difficult task. Instead of having to remember the password each time you try to sign in to your yahoo account, just a tap on a notification received on your mobile can let you access your account after enabling the yahoo account key. Data Align yahoo password reset helper can assist the customers in creating the yahoo account key and can also help in case they face any difficulty while using the account key.

Creating and managing account key is very easy. Open the yahoo account security page first and select the device and app where you want to get notified for the account key. After that click on the option of ‘send me a notification’. Tap on the ‘approve icon’ on the mobile device where the notification regarding account key has been received. Select ‘always use account key’ option in the web browser. Then, at last confirm the mobile number that is used in case you lose access to your device. Data Align yahoo email recovery is available 24/7 on all days over phone, email or chat. They can be contacted via toll-free helpline number.

How to Change My Yahoo Email Password: Accessed your Yahoo account on a public or shared computer and want to change your yahoo email password to ensure that no one can hack in to your account and access your information? Don’t worry, you can follow the below steps to change your Yahoo email password. These steps are applicable if you already have access to your existing password. For situations in which you do not remember your password, different sets of steps need to be followed. Let’s proceed with changing password of your yahoo email account.

  • Sign in to your Yahoo! account using your email address and password.
  • Tap on your Profile located at the top right corner of the page.
  • Then, select Account Info from the options that appears.
  • Tap on Account Security located at the left hand side of the next page that appears.
  • Then, tap on Change Password to begin the process.
  • Enter your new password in the box provided for it and confirm the password in the next box.
  • Tap on Continue to complete the process. You may receive a code for verification. Enter the code and that is all & finish change yahoo password.

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