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Are you looking for easier ways to get rid of long time wasting issues that you have faced while using your Acer laptops? Regardless of the high quality of acer products, numerous issues are faced in acer laptops and there could be many possible reasons behind the occurrence of those issues. In this article we will discuss about some famous issues that the users of acer laptops face and how to resolve them. Acer support on the other hand provides immediate and reliable technical support for every type of issue that comes across in an acer laptop.

Few of the most common issues faced in acer computer support include the laptop not getting switched on. For this issue, check that the battery of your laptop is correctly placed in the battery case and there are no loose pins where the battery is attached. After that check that you laptop could hold the charge by trying to charge it in case it is not getting switched on due to not having any charge. If everything is fine with the charger and laptop is able to get charged then, try to switch it on. Acer support provides anytime offline and online support services for laptop not getting switched on issue to customers at reasonable prices.

There are also many type of display issues faced by customers of acer laptops like screen getting completely black or image showing in stretched form. Getting only a black screen could be due to presence of a virus or malware in your system. In this case, start your laptop and continue pressing the F8 key till a screen appears with Repair on it. Click on that repair option followed by ok and next. This will eventually open a screen with Recovery Management on it. Select that option which will lead to factory defaults, removing any malware if present. You can also directly call acer product support for assistance as their technical support providing officers resolve such cases in huge numbers everyday.

Another very common issue is laptops getting overheated which could cause irreplaceable damage to the internal parts of the system. Check that the laptop fan is properly functioning. Also, many programs running in the background could also result in overheating so, close any extra program if open and restart your system. Call acer support for technical help on their toll-free helpline number of Data Align acer support.